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Donations and Fundraising

The FASD Trust is funded entirely by private donations and through our fundraising activities. Please contact us if you would like to:
  • become a "Friend of The FASD Trust" - click here to download an application form;
  • support us regularly via standing order;
  • arrange a fundraising or awareness-raising event for us.


TARGET - 30,000 

We URGENTLY need to expand the work of The FASD Trust.

We are getting one to two families join us EVERY day.

We want to

  • Improve our response times to families needing support.

  • Fund urgent research to open up more doors, prove the scale of the problem and the number of families affected by FASD.

Here are just some of the ways in which you can support us ...

Donating Online

To make an donation via credit or debit card securely on-line, please click on either  of the  donation buttons below. Particularly if you  have a PayPal account, you may prefer to use PayPal as a matter of convenience, because your details  will be already registered.

To donate via PayPal, click on the button below:.


Alternatively, you can make your donation via Charity Choice, using the button below.
The advantage of using this option, from the Trust's point of view, is that the handling fees charged are lower than those of PayPal (and indeed of a number of online charity donation sites).

In other words,  the amount that the Trust actually receives will be greater if you use the button below. In fact, Charity Choice offers you the option to pay the handling fee as well as make a donation. For example, if you take up this option and choose to donate 10 plus the fee, then we receive 10!

[For your information, at current handling charge rates, for a 10 donation, the fee would be 24.5p in the case of Charity Choice, and  54p in the case of PayPal.]

To donate via Charity Choice, use the button below:

Whichever way you choose to donate, your donations are vitally important to us because they enable the Trust to undertake its central aims of raising awareness of FASD and to support those affected by FASD.
Thank you!

Fundraising and Awareness-raising

We have collection boxes which can be put in your shop or place of work.

We can also able to visit your place of work and put on an awareness-raising / fund-raising event, for example during your lunch hour or as part of a team-building day.

Alternatively, you may wish to organise a fund-raising event, such as a garage sale, in your home community. Or you may want to help us have an FASD Trust stand or exhibit at a local event. For example, in Oxfordshire, we have had stands at annual events such as  the Finstock Festival and  Charlbury Street Fair.

Please contact us for advice and to share ideas with us.


Do you shop on-line? Then you can now support us now by clicking on the links below and a percentage of your total purchase price will be donated to us. Thank you for your support!


Selling on eBay? Then why not nominate The FASD Trust as the recipient of your sale proceeds?

If you have CD albums and DVDs that are in good condition but you no longer want, please  send them to us . Alternatively,  bring them along to a Support Group event
(and we will arrange to collect them at a later date from the event organiser). If you happen to  live in the Oxfordshire area or are passing through, you are very welcome to drop them off at our Charlbury office. We will then arrange with musicMagpie to collect batches of these recycled CDs and DVDs and receive 50p per collected item.

[IMPORTANT: By "good", the musicMagpie people mean CD albums and DVDs in full, playable condition, without scratches, still in their cases with barcodes and  intact, unmarked artwork. None of the following, please:  unauthorised copied disks, promotional disks,  singles,  more than 6 copies of the same disk. For further information, please visit the musicMagpie website.]

For more information on any of the above, please contact us.

Thank you for investing your time and resources in the work of The FASD Trust. We really appreciate anything you are able to offer. Every penny counts!


Bringing Hope to those affected by FASD