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Welcome to The FASD Trust home page for Medical and Healthcare Professionals.

The FASD Trust runs the UK Medical and Healthcare Professionals FASD Forum. The mandate of the Forum is to raise awareness and share medical research and experience with regards to the prevention, diagnosis and management of FASD. [To join the Forum, or to view a copy of our latest membership form, click here.]

The Medical & Healthcare Professionals Forum has already developed a Consensus Statement, which The FASD Trust published in February 2013, exploring the need to develop diagnostic clinical pathways for FASD in the UK. This resulted from the first meeting of the Medical Forum in October 2011.To obtain a copy of the Consensus Statement, please email Simon Brown, Joint CEO,

The Forum has members from a diverse range of medical and healthcare professions, including CAMHS, paediatrics, educational psychology, child psychiatry and nursing. It is led by a National Steering Committee, which meets on a quarterly basis.

The key aim of the Forum is to ‘educate’ medical professionals about FASD so that we can improve the care offered to patients. This goal can only be realised through collaboration between the medical world and the community at large. In this way we hope to reverse the worrying trends of FASD case-prevalence in this country.

Benefits of joining the Medical & Healthcare Professionals Forum include:

  • Discounts for lectures and conferences organised by The FASD Trust

  • Access to an online forum to share and discuss research and case experience

  • Ability to promote your own research into FASD on our website

  • Networking opportunities with other medical and healthcare professionals

A series of Local Study Days across the country have been organised and will feature Forum members sharing their knowledge of FASD with their colleagues, in the hope of developing regional ‘hubs’ of the Medical Forum to better coordinate a national strategy.

Several of the Study Days held so far have led to the formation of Local Special Interest Groups on FASD, some of which are multi-disciplinary and involved colleagues who are members of The FASD Trust’s Forums for Education and Social Work. To find your nearest Special Interest Group, please e-mail

Dr Raja Mukherjee, member of the Forum Steering Committee and Clinic Lead at the National FASD Clinic, is always willing to speak to fellow clinicians regarding specific cases. His contact details and that for the National Clinic can be found by clicking here.


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