Social Workers, Adopters & Foster Carers

Training - Our training courses cover topics such as;
  • What is FASD
  • How FASD impacts the child's development
  • Attachment and FASD
  • Matching considerations
  • Writing a post placement care program
  • Adoption preparation
  • One to one pre-placement information sessions
  • Foster care training
  • Panel member training
  • In house practical half day sessions for Foster Carers 
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The UK FASD Trust Forum for Social Work

The Aim of the Forum

To serve as a focus for discussion and the dissemination of information regarding FASD-affected children, we have established the UK FASD Trust for Social Work. Our aim is to raise awareness, share experience and promote best practice among social workers and all involved in the adoption and fostering of children.

Why the Forum?

The World Health Organisation estimates that 1% of the world's population is affected by FASD. That estimate, in itself, is quite striking. Even more arresting is the estimate, adduced by research, that around 30% of children in the UK Child Care system (including those moved on to adoption) are affected by FASD. Many workers in the field consider the estimate of 30% to be too conservative; they believe the figure to be nearer to 65%.

Whatever the precise percentages, these are startling figures, with profound implications for all concerned, not least for those engaged in social work. The FASD Trust considers it very important that, in facing this huge and growing challenge, social workers and all involved in the adoption and fostering of children in the UK have a forum through which information can be exchanged, experiences shared and best practices developed.

The Forum

A founding Steering Committee has been established, and the FASD Trust and the following organisations have representatives on that Committee:
  • BASW (British Association of Social Workers) 
  • Fostering Network
  • Aquarius
  • BAAF (British Association of Adoption and Fostering)

  • Bringing Hope to those affected by FASD