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Events for Medical & Healthcare Professionals in 2014

In 2012, we  launched a series of Local Study Days for Medical and Healthcare Professionals under the auspices of our Medical & Healthcare Professionals Forum.
These days have been of real benefit to many working in paediatrics, occupational therapy, speech & language therapy, nursing, teaching and other, related social  and family support roles, including  childcare and home visiting. Midwives, GPs and those working in the fields of psychiatry and psychology have  also gained value from these workshops.  These days are credited with CPD points by the Royal College of Peadiatrics and Child Health.

The sequence of Local Study Day events continued into 2013, with the last in that year taking place on  22nd November at the Charles Hastings Centre, Worcester. This exciting, practical one-day event looked at the nature of disorders covered by the term "FASD"; how those disorders  impacted upon not only  the affected individual but the family,  carers and professionals around them; and the reality of the implications for education, healthcare and social work practice.  The speakers were  Dr Mary Mather and Julia Brown. 
The programme of events for the Forum continues throughout 2014. We held  a one-day conference in Leeds with Dr Raja Mukherjee on Thursday, 20th March at Headingley Stadium, Leeds.  
There is     a two day residential course planned for  June 2014 in Oxfordshire,  and a day meeting  in Brighton in October 2014 focusing on Conception to 6 years, hosted by Dr Neil Aiton.  More details to follow...

To find out more about any of the above events, e-mail Stefan at events@fasdtrust.co.uk.

There is more information about the aims and activities of The FASD Trust Medical & Healthcare Professional Forum on the  For Medical & Health Care Professionals home page.


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Bringing Hope to those affected by FASD