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Training Workshops for Parents and Carers in 2014

The Training Workshops for Parents and Carers are led by Julia Brown, Joint CEO of The FASD Trust, who speaks both on behalf of the Trust and on the basis of her personal experience as a parent (and foster carer) of children with FASD.

As the workshops already held have clearly demonstrated, these events are proving to be very relevant, not just  to parents, grandparents or others in a caring role who are already coping with FASD issues, but also to potential adopters who wish to find out more about life with a child affected by FASD.

Professionals are  welcome to come along too, but please bear in mind that this series of events  is predominantly aimed at parents /carers and therefore will be very practical about daily life parenting a child with FASD.

The cost of attending an event  is 42 per person, or 78 per couple. Included in that cost are course materials, literature and light refreshments.  And if you are are already a Friend of the Trust, remember that you are entitled to a 10% discount on these costs. 

The next workshop is in Southampton on Tuesday, 25th November; location to be advised.

Please contact Sue  at admin@fasdtrust.co.uk to register your interest in attending a workshop and to let et her know of your preferred location in case it proves possible to arrange a workshop at a place near you.

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Bringing Hope to those affected by FASD