FASD in Education

Education matters and we believe that all children and young people affected by FASD should be given every chance to reach their academic potential and to have an enjoyable experience of education, whatever that looks like.

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Providing resources around all aspects of education

We are thrilled to have launched a new project, "FASD in Education", providing resources around all aspects of education. This project is led by Joanne Watkins, who has over 20 years experience teaching young adults (16+) with additional needs.  Jo is supported by Lisa Guthrie, who as well as being one of the contributors to our Guide for Teachers has some 15 years experience working in mainstream settings with pupils aged 11 to 16.  In addition to their professional expertise, both Joanne and Lisa bring personal family experience of looking after children affected by FASD.

Home Schooling Hub

This project is led by Lisa and is in response to the increasing number of parents opting to home school their children affected by FASD. We are delighted to announce that we have now set up a specialist Home School Hub to connect parents in this situation.  Membership costs just £30 per family per year. 

Kite Marking Scheme - "FASD Aware" & FASD in Education Champions

This project is led by Joanne and is to both support parents to have confidence in choosing a school, and educational establishments in ensuring they are in a better, more informed position to support children affected by FASD in their setting.  Individual teachers can also have the chance to be at the cutting edge of education in the UK, being the designated Champion for FASD in Education not only for their school, but their wider geographic area.

Additional Training & Resources for Teachers & Parents

Training, including Twilight Sessions, Inset Days / Designated Teacher Training Days (whole days, seminars, key note speakers or workshops) and 30 minute lunchtime updates can all be arranged through our FASD in Education Project. (Please note charges apply).

If a particular child is struggling or causing concerns, we can also provide individual assessments of pupils.  (Please note charges apply).

Additional printed resources for teachers and parents will be published over the coming year. 

To find out more and keep updated, please look at www.fasdineducation.co.uk.

Alternatively, call us on 01865 249771 and ask for the Education Support Administrator.

or email below: