Pregnancy & Alcohol

Pregnancy & Alcohol

Be Kind to Me and Stay Alcohol Free

Pregnant women often face a plethora of conflicting information, speculation, old wives' tales and "advice" from all quarters!  Women need to be able to make their own informed choices about  the issue of drinking alcohol in pregnancy; our range of leaflets and posters about Pregnancy and Alcohol are friendly, informative and factual.

Many midwives find this material is good to use when discussing with pregnant women the choices they wish to make in their pregnancy in regards to alcohol consumption.

9th September, National FASD Day, is fast approaching,  If you want to help raise awareness we have a range of eye catching posters, pop up banners and trifold leaflets and holders available to order.  Download your order form here.        

If you are pregnant and concerned about your alcohol intake, please speak to your midwife, GP or call our helpline on 01608 811599