One of our main aims as a charity is to continue to increase awareness of FASD thereby making your lives easier

Increasing Awareness

One of our main aims as a charity is to continue to increase awareness of FASD thereby making your lives easier, as people begin to understand the condition and, hopefully, we will all find ourselves gradually having to explain what FASD is less and less.

  • Check out our on-line forum which is simply for parents & carers:

  • Come along to one of our training workshops, conferences or Half Day Training - check News and Events for details of forthcoming events.

  •  Ask us to send you a copy of our latest Newsletter

  • We have a workbook for children explaining FASD to them called 'All About ME!'

  • A Parenting book that you can order from Amazon, for details click here.

  • A guide for teachers on educating the FASD child.

  •  Our App ("My Name is Sam") explaining to children what FASD is all about, to download the Android or iPhone versions of the App, click here.

  • Email Sue at  to order copies of our leaflets or books.

  • Call our office or contact us by email with any queries or suggestions; we are always looking to improve our services to you. General inquiries should be sent to, and to contact Ruth, our Family Support Administrator, email her on

Remember, we are always willing to travel to your locality and give training / information sessions at your child's school, place of worship or even in your workplace; we can also signpost you to other organisations whom we work with to give you further information or assistance. 


To carry forward all the strands of our work, and in particular to provide effective and timely support to families affected by FASD, the income that we need comes entirely from fund-raising efforts and donations. Please take a look at the Donations and Fund Raising page to see the ways in which you might be able to help or sign up to be a Friend of the Trust, as even just £2 per month makes a major contribution to our work. 

Thank you.

Simon & Julia Brown - Joint Chief Executive Officers, and The FASD Trust Team