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Professional Training on FASD

Professional Training on FASD

With growing recognition of how prevalent FASD is within the UK today, many professionals are seeking training on FASD.  The FASD Trust is delighted to announce training and conference dates for Autumn 2017.  Please do join us, and if you are unable to, why not invite us to provide training in-house for your workforce?

Christmas Charity Ball 2017 - Norwich

Christmas Charity Ball 2017 - Norwich

Our Christmas Ball will take place on 2 December 2017 in Norwich. Hosted by our Patron, Mary-Louise Chandler, with an amazing line-up of Celebrities - Arianna Morgan, Paul Manners, Amrick Channa, Andrew Stone & Josh Hudis - providing live entertainment, tickets at just £55 per person are an incredible bargain.  Sponsorship Options Available. Book your tickets today!

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If you are affected by FASD, think you may be affected by FASD, or are a parent or carer for someone with FASD we are here to help. 

Call our Help Line on 01608 811599 or email us here >


We are the UK's leading provider of training on all aspects of FASD.  We provide training for medical staff to foster carers; bespoke and public courses. 

Call us on 01865 249771 to discuss or View our upcoming courses  >

FASD- learn more

FASD is a series of preventable birth defects caused entirely by a woman drinking alcohol at any time during her pregnancy.

To learn more view our FASD knowledge centre  >

Who are The FASD Trust?

The FASD Trust was started in January 2007 in response to the growing number of requests for information being received by the adoptive parents of a child diagnosed as having FASD (Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders).   read more...